How to Rank in Local Map Pack Results

How to Rank in Local Map Pack Results

When someone performs a local search, Google doesn’t show the website links.

Instead, it shows the Google Maps 3-pack snippet. This Google Maps snippet is based on the user’s location and the search query. It takes up most of the space and presents 3 local businesses along with their locations on Google Maps.

If you want to get the most traffic, then you’ll want to rank in this snippet. Why? Because the top results get the lion’s share of traffic.

In order to get ahead and make the most out of your local SEO efforts, you should aim to get on these local map results. It’s hard to tell whether the local map pack is an experiment of Google or a permanent feature but it certainly gives you a major advantage if you rank in it. In this article, you’ll discover how you can do the same and the things you should look out for.

Consistent NAP Data

We’ve already discussed the importance of NAP data and why you should keep it consistent. Your business’s name, address and phone number should be accurate present in multiple locations. You already know how you can get business citations on external sites such as business directories and use tools to manage them.

Your NAP data influence your rank in the Google Maps 3-pack snippet too. To avoid any inconsistencies, you shouldn’t edit your NAP data often. Use a citation management tool to make sure your NAP data is consistent across the web.

Getting Business Reviews

Online reviews help the search engines as well as the users in analyzing the reputation of the business. The number of reviews your local business has online will clearly impact your Google Maps ranking.

The number of positive reviews and their frequency, both of them have a direct impact on your ranking. That’s why you should keep working on getting more business reviews. We’ve discussed this topic in detail in the next chapter.

Optimizing the GMB Page

Your Google My Business page is directly related to your Google Maps’ ranking.

By following the tips mentioned in the chapters before, you can easily set up and optimize your GMB listing. Keep updating your page and make sure you engage with your customers.

Your GMB account gets automatically linked to Google Maps. Therefore, you should put an effort into optimizing it.

Getting Good Backlinks

Backlinks are not only essential for a good ranking in local SERPs, but also for a good ranking in Google Maps.

They are a vital SEO factor and they influence your ranking in every stage. With a good amount of high-quality backlinks, you can easily get in the top 3 Google Maps snippet.

We’ve discussed building backlinks in detail in the upcoming chapters, so you should read them as well.

Your Business Location

Where’s your business located directly impacts your placement in the 3-pack. That’s because Google Maps considers the location of the searcher too.

If your business isn’t nearby you will not rank high in the results. That’s why you should optimize your local business for your area.

You want to get to top results of the relevant search queries in your area. It will not only help you get more traffic but also make sure that you’re able to outrank your competition in the long run.


Most of the factors which influence your Google Maps ranking are simple SEO factors. Still, it was necessary to understand what affects your appearance in the Google Maps 3-pack. By optimizing these factors, you can rank in the 3-pack as well.

Next up, we’ll discuss getting online reviews for your local business.

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