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Why Top Brands Prefer SEO Agency Over In-House SEO Team?

For all we know, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of the success of any given business in the online space.

However, more often than not, companies are faced with the dilemma regarding what’s best for the business’s long-term SEO goals, hiring an agency, or opting for an in-house SEO expert.

While the purpose of both entities is similar, their way of functioning, as well as the cost incurred on each of them, is what really makes the difference.

Not to mention the final outcome. Let us analyse this question, under the 2 heads!


With an agency, you would get access to a sea of knowledge. Given that the SEO agency has been doing what they do, for at least a few years and have worked with a wide array of clients, their collective experience will always stand unmatched.

Moreover, they will have a better understanding of various platforms such as digital advertising, mobile marketing etc. Not only will this technical know-how aid them in offering better results, but will also ensure that your SEO campaign is aligned with the current market trends. 


In addition, with an SEO agency’s affordable SEO packages, you can rest assured of the fact that it isn’t just your account manager who has your back, but also the other members of the team.

Hence, if your firm is ever caught in a rut, the team will step in to make sure you get the desired results sooner rather than later. 

Why prefer SEO agency over in-house SEO team?

While your dedicated in-house SEO manager will have a certain level of expertise, he/she might not have the knowledge or the resources required to ensure that your SEO campaign offers you the expected returns.

Not only will the in-house manager be limited by the fact that they’re on their own, but will also find it a little daunting to keep up with various mediums when it comes to running an extensive campaign. 

Cost and Benefits

An SEO agency is bound to have access to some of the most effective tools. Not only these tools help in enhancing the overall results derived from a campaign through competitive link analysis, onsite SEO evaluations and recommendations, etc. but also considerably reduce the manual efforts required for the SEO. 

Cost of the tools

While these tools are often a little heavy on the pocket(about $1250/month), the cost gets divided amongst the large number of clients that the firm has, ensuring that your business doesn’t end up incurring unnecessary expenses. 

While hiring an in-house SEO manager might seem to be more cost-effective at first, but one needs to understand that the cost of an extensive SEO tool might be literally unaffordable for a business.

Other costs

Hence, your business will lose out on the benefits that such a tool might offer. Moreover, in the case of an employee apart from the salary, there are other costs that need to be incurred such as equipment, training, perks and incentives etc.

To conclude

Based on the above-mentioned point, it becomes fairly clear that picking up an affordable SEO package from an agency is a far more effective alternative than opting for the in-house resource! 

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