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The Best 5 WordPress SEO Plugins in 2019 - Ally

WordPress is the biggest CMS in the market. In fact, its market share is 33% of all websites. Considering the vastness of the internet, this number is huge. But with so much competition available, getting your WordPress site to the top search results is difficult. You’ll need to go an extra mile in your SEO implementations. How would you do that? You can start with SEO plugins. They make your job easy and help you optimize your WordPress website without putting much effort. We’ve prepared the list of the best WordPress SEO plugins so don’t worry. Here it is:

Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO WordPress plugin has been around since 2008. You can get it for free on WordPress.org and enhance your site’s SEO. It performs a multitude of tasks. It can tell you about the optimization of your blog posts. You can find out the weaknesses of your blog posts and make them 100% optimized. Yoast SEO is a reputed and popular name in the market. This tool aids your internal linking for better optimization. It also integrates with the Google Search Console to help you find out the SEO progress of your website.  The developers update this tool regularly (around every two weeks) so you always stay up to date with the algorithms of Google. Through its simple layout, you will not have trouble in maintaining your WordPress website’s SEO.

SEO Keyword Hound

Keywords are the basis of SEO. Without them, you can’t develop an effective SEO strategy. CM’s SEO Keyword Hound helps you get valuable keyword suggestions and manage the various keywords you are using for your site. They provide you with an 80-minute course so you can get started right away and avoid any SEO mistakes as well.

Some of its features include:

•    Manage your keywords and track the progress of the same

•    Find out which keywords your competitors are using and with which density

•    Use sticky notes for editing your content along with keywords

The free version doesn’t offer many features. But the best part is, the paid version doesn’t cost much either. You can get it for your WordPress website for $59.

All in One SEO Pack

The All in One SEO Pack WordPress plugin is popular as the ‘original SEO plugin’. It has been present in the market since 2007.

With it, you can:

–    Manage your Canonical URLs with ease

–    Get SEO integration for your e-commerce site

–    Get Google AMP support

–    Automatically optimize the titles of your web pages for SEO

There are many other amazing features in this free SEO plugin. With the help of the All in One SEO Pack, you can perform technical SEO as well as basic SEO for your site. We recommend this tool to SEO beginners. Even if you’re a pro, you’ll find it useful. The pro version of this plugin costs $57.

The SEO Framework

If you like to get things done fast, then the SEO Framework is the perfect companion for your WordPress site. It claims to be a fast SEO plugin. You can import your SEO data from another plugin to this one. This way you can save your time and start the SEO implementations right away. It uses AI for making your SEO process easier and hassle-free. You can improve the social sharing of your content as well as optimize the metadata of your site through this plugin. You can prevent the notorious 404 errors with its help as well.

SmartCrawl SEO

SmartCrawl SEO lets you check your site’s level of SEO and audit your progress. You can also find out the SEO of your particular pages to get detailed insight on your SEO progress. You can also get custom branding for the back-end and the front-end of your WordPress site. If you’re using Moz SEO tools already, then you can integrate them with this plugin as well for better Seo performance overall. The pro version of this tool costs $49 a month. But you can get the free version as well.


You can choose any one of the SEO plugins mentioned in this article. They all are packed with features, so you’ll not have trouble improving your WordPress website’s ranking. If you have any questions regarding these plugins feel free to ask. We’d be glad to help.

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