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Link building is not as complicated as it is sometimes portrayed. The basic concept of link building is the process of building one-directional links ( known as backlinks ) to a website. With the purpose of making your website more visible to search engines and improving search engine rankings.

What Is A Link Building Service?

There are those that try to overcomplicate link building, but there are basically three types of links. Inbound link is the links coming to your website – these are incoming links. Outbound links are links going to other websites from your web pages.

Finally, there are internal links where you link your web pages internally. All these go to make up your website link profile, and they are all known as backlinks.

Before Google came on the scene, the top search engine players such as Yahoo and Altavista ranked search results predominantly on content only.

Then the big boys of the search world – Google entered the arena with their now-famous Google algorithms. They not only looked at the content of a page but also how many people linked to that web page.

In 2021 Google still, as do other search engines, count links to a webpage as one of the best indicators of the quality of the content; however, they added an additional metric – the quality of the links pointing to your web pages.

If the link that is pointing to you has a high page rank, then that link is good news for your site. The page authority of any link that is pointing to you is probably the number one factor in the eyes of our Google friends.

In general terms, the quality of the link is also determined by the authority of the whole site, not just individual pages.

So, for example, if you get links from high authority sites like CNN or the BBC, they will have a more significant impact than from an unknown site.

You might ask where you can determine the quality or domain authority of a website? There are tools out there such as Ahref or Moz that will give you an indication of site quality.

Another factor while we are discussing link quality is also relevancy. If you outreach to a site to earn links, make sure the site is relevant to your own.

For example, if your site is about tropical fish and you have a link from a car accessory site -that is hardly relevant to your subject matter on your website.

When seeking quality links, make sure the product or service that you provide is closely aligned to your own. This makes it a good link.

Another overlooked factor in an SEO link-building campaign is the position of the link on your web page. Don’t have it hiding in the sidebar or lurking in the footer – it needs to be front and center if possible on your web page.

Strongly connected to this is whether the high-quality links you have acquired are what is termed an editorially placed link. So did someone want to link to you because they thought you were link-worthy and your content, blog, authority was awesome?

As opposed to as part of your link building strategy, you created a profile on another website hoping to link back. As you might guess, Google puts much more weight on the former link type.

One spammy link practice you want to avoid in your link-building tactics is using link anchor text. Like many search engine optimization techniques, keyword-rich anchor text abuse as a process of acquiring links is not to be promoted for site owners.

SEO Link Building Services

There are many companies out there offering link building services. Some use what is termed black hat, and the majority use white hat link building.

The best link-building services will offer strong SEO link building using tried and tested techniques such as blogger outreach, manual outreach, guest posting, strong content marketing, link placement, high-quality backlinks to drive link-building campaigns, and a solid link profile.

Although you might read conflicting opinions about link building, there are several strong reasons why link building is still the centre point of any SEO strategy and why you should engage a link building service and particularly white hat link building.

Firstly, you will undoubtedly rank higher on search engine rankings, and SEO link building can help you do that by seeking out domain authority and link building partners for link placements.

Secondly, your site will be found faster and crawled more regularly by Google. You will enjoy increased trustworthiness and will benefit from increased organic traffic and referral traffic.

So in a google search, how important is the link back to your site, and why should it matter to search engines? As you search the web, how far would you go to trust what people have to say about their businesses?

Like many of us, you might give more credence to what others are saying?

This is how a search engine works by looking at the number of links and the quality link on your website.

That is why link building is still important for SEO purposes. No more days of buying links to numerous other sites. You now have to earn those authority links through a good piece of content or providing a valuable resource.

Web and websites link now have to create a lot of quality content to get links from other authority sites.

Search engines work by looking at what websites say about each other. Creating that link to pages on your website can certainly help your search engine optimization process.

Google and others crawl all over the web by following the links from one website to another, and they create an index of sites as they go.

Google uses algorithms to help determine the most relevant results to any search query. They use machine learning to understand links, and the Google link algorithm is called Penguin.

The secret to good link building that will have an impact on google search is specific key metrics that can impact on the quality of links. Let’s consider each one.

Audience Relevance

It is now of enormous importance to Google that any link you provide must be relevant to the search intent of the user. Good link building services will ensure any link-building will focus on relevant link partners.

That is why your best link-building services must consider how relevant the link is going to be for the content you are displaying, the entirety of the page, and to the entire domain of real estate.

Human Value

All links that you have buried in your piece of content must go some way to improve the human experience. In white hat link building, you want them to add value.

If you create white label links that are valuable for everyone concerned, you will improve your website rankings and website authority.

Trust & Authority

At the core of Google is the authority and trust of your website. If you have many links to your site, then this makes your links more valuable.

Any good link-building service or link-building company will have this in mind. Therefore as you expand your link profile and link building to increase links to your website Google will see this as a sign of authority and trust.

Technical Aspects

When considering the technicalities of your link building strategy, they are such things as:

Anchor text

Quality links

White label links

Custom links


Link Placement


How Does A White Hat Link Building Service Work

Link building is not an art or science. It is logical to work out the right approach for each customer in using building services to enhance the customer’s website standings in the SERPS.

The best link building services and link building agencies will take a range of factors into account when considering the best link building tactics and link building techniques for your website.

Link building is not as hard as people think. The problem is that some try to overcomplicate things. If you follow the digital marketing and SEO gurus, some will tell you to create quality content and wait for links to come naturally to you.

Others will extol the virtues of link building strategies and link building tactics using a whole range of activities from guest blogging to outreach, social media and PBN to improve your link profile.

As with many digital marketing topics, it is not straightforward and will depend on other things such as the industry you are in, the resources you have and the quality of your website.

One way of securing an effective link-building strategy is to engage a link building services provider or link building company.

Link building is part of a digital marketing portfolio of services, and many offer a high-quality link building service using white label link building and link acquisition.

The type of white label link building packages includes manual outreach, broken link building, blog posts, manual link building, guest post, blogger outreach, backlinks, and custom link building.

Our quality link building service is well thought out, and our link building agency can provide all the right strategies to help you rank higher in the SERPS.

Link Building Strategies

Link building strategies come in many shapes and sizes, and there is a difference between a link building strategy and a link building tactic.

A link building strategy is when you create an overall plan for your building services. A tactic is used to gain an objective.

Let us just walk you through some of the more effective link building strategies that a link building company might employ on your behalf to find backlinks and the risk factors that some of them carry.

Link Building – Manual Link Building – Blogger Outreach

Most of the tried and tested backlinking strategies that link building companies use will revolve around the blogger outreach technique.

The basic concept is you reach out to people who are already in your niche and introduce them to your website content.

This method of securing high-quality backlinks works best if you have linkable assets. These can be such things as tools, blog posts, infographics etc.

Link Building – Guest Blogging & Guest Posting

Another tried and tested technique of backlink building is guest blogging. It is quite a simple process in that you write a blog post for another website that happens to be in your niche.

They publish your article, and this creates a link from the article to your website. In your content marketing strategy, look for sites that are not advertising link building opportunities. Just look for relevant sites in your niche to contact.

Link Building – Broken Link Building

There are three steps that a link building agency will be using broken link building in their link building services. Firstly, you find a broken link on a website. You then go ahead and create some similar content and then direct anyone linking to the dead piece of content to link to yours.

Link Building – Brand Mentions

Sometimes you will get brand mentions without a link being directed to you. In this scenario, you are nearly there in securing what possibly could be a high-quality link with high authority without much link building effort. You know that the person is already familiar with your business and niche.

Link Building – Link Placement & Reclamation

You might not be aware that although links are not easy to build, you also lose backlinks from your backlink profile, both low quality and quality links, all the time!

There are a couple of common reasons why you lose links. One is the links have been removed from the linking page, and the other is that the page has been removed.

There are several tools out there that can find where you are losing links, or there are SEO agencies and link building packages that will find lost links and help you replace them.

The other thing to bear in mind in your link building techniques is link placements that may impact on your search rankings.

When you build links, make sure link placement is in line with Google requirements. A good link building services company, SEO agency or link building agency will help you do this.

Link Building – Linkable Assets

Most quality websites will have good linkable assets as part of their content marketing.

When you build links, make sure you have linkable assets as part of your link building campaign. You can get people to notice your content through other means such as social media, a press release and other web services. When building links, make sure you have good content for others to link to.

Link Building – Custom Link Building

When backlink building, one of the ways to customer link build is to repurpose your content at least once per month. Your re-purposed infographic, for example, can be posted to other web services.

Why Use A Link Building Service?

On the internet today, links like any valuable commodity have a value that you have to pay for. When engaging a Link Building Service that offers quality link building services, you can expect that the agency has a publishing fee, a fee for creating the content, an outreach admin fee and quality control.

My point is that if you see links being offered for $50, you know that they will be low quality, probably black hat and spammy.

The sort of questions you might ask of a link building service is doing the placement page have a no-follow tag, is your link is well placed, is the content is unique and well written.

A reputable link building company will be committed to providing white hat link building services such as the ones we have outlined in this article.

They will work hard to formulate a custom link building strategy for your business, taking into account your niche, your business aspirations and your budget.

They will utilise advanced link building tools to firstly assess your current backlink profile and determine the best way to secure more high value referring domains to add authority and trust to your website.

A good link building agency will generally produce for you a monthly report on the referring domains and the development work that they have carried out for you. Their SEO team will develop a range of white hat link building programs that will closely align with your brand and business objectives.

Link Building Services – FAQ’s

How Long Is A Typical Link Building Campaign?

A link-building services company will typically need 6 – 12 months to demonstrate strong results. Backlink building is not a sprint and will need time to show results and have an impact on SEO results.

What Is The Difference Between Internal and External Link Building?

An internal link is in the form of a hyperlink that is on one page of your website that links to another page on your website. An external link is one that will direct the user away from your website to other quality websites. For good SEO, it is helpful to have internal backlinks.

What Are Do-Follow and No-Follow Backlinks?

Do-follow links link one page to another but also transfer the website metrics, which improve your domain authority. Nofollow links connect a website to another but have no transfer authority and little impact on SEO and search rankings.

What Are Black Hat Backlinks

Black SEO can be used to try and rank sites higher in the SERPS using unethical tactics. They involve things such as keyword stuffing, backlinks cloaking, and private link networks. They are usually low-quality links and may give you a short-term SEO gain.

What Are Contextual Links

Contextual links are placed within the content of a page on your website. They will always appear in the primary content, never in the sidebar or footer etc.

What Is Tiered link Building?

This is an SEO tactic that builds links from various sources back to your website. You start by contributing content to top ranking sites relevant to your niche as a first-tier, then making sure all the pages holding your links get all the attention.

What Is Link Juice

Once again, an SEO term that gives an SEO value to the hyperlink on your site. This value will depend on the SEO values such as domain authority, relevance etc.

What Are Educational Links?

These are links from an educational site and have high SEO value as they are extremely valuable but difficult to obtain.

What are the factors that determine the quality of a link?

There are a quite few metrics that make up the quality of links.

  • Domain authority
  • External or Internal links
  • Page quality links
  • Anchor text
  • Relevancy
  • Position of links on the page
  • On-Page SEO

The Best Links Building Strategy

One of the best strategies is outreach blogging. By producing fantastic content on both your and other websites, you will build links and gain an impressive online authority. Try to publish something at least 3 – 4 times per month. Try to do guest blogging once or twice per month.

How Long Does It Take For Links To Work?

This is not an easy question to answer and is very expectation-based. A newly acquired link will not work miracles and skyrocket your page to google page one.

Individual links do no have the power to change SEO rankings radically. The sorts of things that will impact your SEO efforts will be such things as domain authority, brand awareness, keywords, competitiveness, and relevance.

What Is The Success Of Outreach?

The success of outreach varies and can depend on the experience of the link builder and how much he understands the content he is trying to outreach. The success rate of outreach can be anything between 5 to 50 per cent, but outreach is still a great tactic to employ. A link building outreach agency can help you make this a success.

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