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How to Use Quora for Marketing? Find out in this Simple Guide - Ally

Are you looking for a new social media site? A site, where you can find more like-minded individuals? Then you should try Quora. Started by Adam D’Angelo (co-founder of Facebook) and Charlie Cheever, Quora has become one of the hottest social media sites in the past few years.

As a marketer, you should definitely begin using Quora. According to Adam, Quora has over 200 million monthly unique visitors. And, they all are knowledge-seeking people.

Understanding Quora

What is Quora?

It is a question-answer site, where you can either ask questions or answer them. It is similar to many popular forums such as Reddit or Yahoo! Answers. The one thing that sets Quora apart from other QnA platforms is the quality of users. Here, you’ll not find nonsense and useless content. Instead, you’ll find helpful, valuable and engaging questions and answers. Neil Patel recommends Quora for marketing too. It provides users with direct answers, lets you show your expertise and engage with a wide audience.

Why you should use Quora?

Apart from the large number of users, there are multiple other reasons why a marketer should use Quora for marketing:

  • High-quality audience
    No matter which industry you’re in, you’ll be able to find high-quality audience for your brand easily here. Most of the users come here to gain knowledge and that’s why it you get a high-quality audience.
  • Fast response
    Growing on Quora is relatively easy in comparison to other social media platforms. By engaging with the audience and answering (or asking) questions, you can grow fast.
  • Great for content generation
    Unlike other social media platforms, creating content on Quora is quite easy. You can start by answering the questions on your expertise and you’ll be creating a lot of content.

How to start using Quora?

Now that you know why you should use Quora for marketing, you can start your journey here. To begin, you’ll need to create your profile. Signing up on Quora is easy. You can sign up with your Twitter or Facebook account or create a new one. You’ll want to create an engaging profile on the site to make sure people perceive you as an expert or authority. For editing your profile, you’ll need to click on your name. You’ll see a small menu pop up, where you can find the ‘Edit’ button. Click on it and you can start editing your profile. The platform will help you considerably in creating a good profile so you don’t have to worry in this regard. Clearly state your experience in your profile. It also plays a crucial role in establishing your authority because without an attractive profile, it’ll be extremely difficult to get followers and seem convincing.

How to Build Authority on Quora?

You have created your profile here and now you want to avail its benefits. Boosting your traffic with Quora or attracting more customers is easy. However, before you begin you should remember that you should use Quora to build authority. If you’ll focus on selling products directly you’ll not make great progress here. Like any other social media platforms, Quora should also be a part of your sales funnel.

Let’s find out how you can build authority on Quora:

Following Relevant Topics:

You should start with finding relevant topics. These topics should either be under your expertise or interest. Quora asks you on multiple times for your interested topics. Apart from that, you can search for the topic of your liking using the search bar present on the site. They suggest you relevant people and regular answerers of the questions on your interested topics. It is an effective way to keep up with the latest updates in your market. Quora uses this information to help you find relevant questions and answers. They create a unique home page specific to your interests based on the topics you follow.

By following the relevant topics you can find out the latest trends in the industry and expand your knowledge on the subject. Quora sends out ‘Quora Digest’ to its users through email. It is similar to your home page and contains relevant content. Following the right topics will ensure you find good questions to answer too.

Providing Insightful Answers:

At Quora, you ask questions or answer them. You can find questions in your niche and answer them. This way, you’ll be able to boost your authority and establish your brand as a credible one. You can search for the questions in your niche through the search bar. However, the site will provide you with some questions to answer automatically through your interests. You can begin there as well.

While writing an answer on Quora, CrazyEgg suggests keeping these things in mind:

  • Write Properly
    Don’t be sarcastic or demeaning when you’re answering here. Chances are, your answer will get many downvotes or it’ll get collapsed.
    Instead, focus on providing genuine and high-quality answer to the question. It doesn’t have to be long to be helpful.
  • Validate your Points
    Give references to your stated facts. The internet is full of hoax and you don’t want to seem like one of the negative brands.
    You can add the references in the end of your answer.
  • Use Visuals
    Using images increases the chances of getting views on your answers. The images should be relevant and ensure that they add value.

You can answer your customers too if they are using the platform to ask about you or your company. Quora is a great platform to answer your customers’ queries.

Sharing Content:

You can share content on this platform too. Right next to your profile picture, you’ll see the ‘Add Question or Link’ button. Here you can add a link of your blog post or another piece of content. This will be visible to your followers. You can enter the topic or category of content you’re sharing. You can write blog posts on Quora too.

Using Quora Spaces:

Quora spaces are collections of content based on certain topics. They narrow down your audience and help you find more relevant people. Like topics, you can follow Spaces to find more content and questions to answer. With more specific audience, you will have better engagement as well.


In total, Quora is a wonderful platform. It lets you directly interact with your audience and establish a strong brand. Just remember the following things:

  • Create an engaging and detailed profile
  • Determine your areas of expertise and follow the related topics
  • Ask and answer questions genuinely

Have you tried Quora? What do you think of it? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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