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B2B Link building Tactics to Get Page 1 Rankings - Ally

B2B Backlinks

One of the most underrated and misunderstood business-building tactics for a business is to have an understanding and appreciation of the importance of their link building profile. For many businesses, this can be quite a daunting prospect as most are not aware of what is necessary to get backlinks to their businesses.

Let us start with the type of backlinks you should avoid, and also all backlinks do not carry the same authority in google search. If you have links in the footer, sidebar and navigation on your site they will not carry much weight in google eyes.

Don’t be tempted by black hat link building techniques also, they can lead to stiff Google penalties.

There used to be a time when you could write an article, post it to Ezine and then on to many spam type directories. This will not cut it today. If you are not producing quality content that is offering value then you are a second class site according to google.

The same can be said of b2b link building tactics that link back to spammy websites. Irrelevant links from unconnected niches to yours can incur penalties.

You may have been tempted by those cheap Fiverr gigs offering thousands of backlinks from web 2.0 properties. Once again avoid – getting quality legitimate links do not happen overnight.

B2B link building strategies evolve around outreaching to similar businesses in your niche and developing a relationship and trust.

By using high authority sites in your sector can also help you build and establish your brand. Creating quality content in your niche such as a piece of data in your industry, presented in a unique way will make you stand out in your niche and help build your brand.

B2B Link Building Strategies

As you can imagine there are lots of ways to get backlinks and the workload for each technique varies.

Outreaching to B2c and B2b partners is probably involves the least amount of work. The most intensive would be doing a link exchange with domain authority others in your industry.

As a general rule, the links that require the most work will probably leverage the most benefit.

Let us look at some of the types of b2b link building strategies you can employ to help your business link building efforts and will curate quality backlinks

B2B Link Building – Scholarships

One of the most trusted links in the eye of Google is .edu links or .gov links. They are seen as high authority backlinks. One of the ways to curate them is to build a scholarship page on your website You then create an application form and invite scholars to write a piece of content for you. This can be a great way to curate some high-quality link building opportunities with highly respected Edu organisations.

However, there are some questions you need to answer before embarking on this link building strategy.

What is our business profile? Are you a brick and mortar or Fintech business?

Is a scholarship relevant to your brand?

Think about the type of scholarships you could offer?

There is an element of trial and error in this b2b link building strategy so stick with it.

Link Reclamation

Reclamation link building is where you are going after uncredited brand mentions. This is where your business is mentioned and you reach out to the publisher for a backlink.

There are a few tools out there that you can use to find business mentions, here is a great blog from Ahrefs that goes into great detail.

You could also set up a Google alert for brand mentions, where you will get an email each time your band or company is mentioned.


Another great link building tactic is using infographics. Most people love to share an infographic this makes them a great marketing tool or content marketing asset. They are also a great way to create guest blogging opportunities.

You start by creating a fantastic infographic, then just like you would for a guest post or a guest posting opportunity you send an email to relevant websites asking if they would like to post your infographic.

This makes it a lot easier than creating a 1000 word guest post and you can still gain a great link back to your own site.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is probably one of the most effective link building strategies. It can have the most effective impact on your search engine rankings and SEO. Guest posts are a great way for link building for b2b. The goal of guest posts should not be to secure as many links as possible. The goal of a guest post or guest posts in b2b marketing is to share new and innovative ideas.

For a business guest blogging is an effective way of both building links back to your website and gaining a name and reputation. By writing about useful topics in your industry or niche you help to build your brand. Presenting yourself as an expert helps to build credibility and authority.

Guest blogging as a b2b marketing tactic can also help to drive organic traffic back to your site, some of that may convert into customers and sales.

There are several ways you can find guest blogging opportunities as part of your digital marketing strategy. These can range from searching on google and social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn, finding out where other guest bloggers are posting blog posts or a guest blog and finding out where you are being mentioned.

Help A Reporter Out –HARO

If you are looking for backlink diversification using HARO might be a good tactic. Haro is looking for contributors for an article or piece they are working on. If your contribution fits the bill they will use it in their post and give you a backlink in the process.

Forum Posting

When using forums to post on don’t just concentrate on plugging your website. Forums are there to help others so make sure any posting you are doing is answering questions or queries. They can be a great way to expand your links and link building profile.

Build yourself a following by providing a relevant example of how you would approach a problem, create that relationship with your audience.

Social Media Links

Pay attention to your brand and branded keywords to make sure if they are searched for on Google that you appear on top. Your social media profiles can be a powerful factor when it comes to google search and authority. Make sure you include your web links in any social profiles or signatures. In b2b providing high-quality content will ensure you get lots of shares.

Expert Round-Up Articles

Using an expert round-up article gives you the opportunity to build a brand and influence in your industry. You can bring in other experts who will love to contribute to your article and there is a chance they will share with their contacts and place your link in the round-up post.

To Conclude

Many businesses overlook the importance of building links to other relevant industry partners. There is no easy and quick way to drive high-quality authority backlinks to your website. If you persevere and use the tactics quoted above you will be successful or alternatively employ a professional agency to do the heavy lifting for you.

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Abhishek Shah

Abhishek Shah

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