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How do Consumers Behave in Local Search: Rising Importance of Local SEO - Ally

Why Local SEO is Essential?
Local SEO makes your website (or business) visible in local searches.

What are local searches?

When a person searches for a particular term or service with an area name or looks for something nearby, then it is called a local search. Search engines ask users about their location to provide better local search results. If someone in New York will search for ‘restaurants near me’, he or she will see a list of restaurants near their location (in Times Square or Manhattan). Restaurants that have good local SEO will dominate the search results.  In 93% of the local search results, Google shows its 3-pack snippet.

This snippet gets a clear highlight over search results. Apart from that, 59% of local searchers try to find a local business. This shows people are actively looking for businesses, you just have to be there. The estimated number of smartphone users in the US in 2017 is 224.3 million. 88% of mobile users perform local searches so you can understand how much traffic they can generate. It clearly indicates that local search is a powerful tool and is gaining popularity.

How Reviews Impact Local Search?

Engaging with your customers can lead to more profits. Reviews are a clear example. Ask your customers for reviews because 97% of consumers say reviews have an impact on their purchase decisions. This is a staggering number and it shows how much trust people put in online reviews. Having a number of positive reviews will have a strong impact on your local online presence. Don’t hesitate in asking for reviews too because 68% of consumers said they have left a local business review.

How Local Searches Lead to Sales?

Want to increase your sales?  You should focus on local SEO. Research shows that 78% local mobile searches lead to offline sales. This means nearly 8 out of 10 mobile local searches of your store give you a customer. You should start focusing on developing a strong online presence in order to ensure you don’t lag behind. There is another benefit of maintain a good online reputation. As people tend to search for a store online before entering, it’s certain you’ll have more prospects arriving at your store if you have a good local SEO.

What do People Look for in Local Searches?

It is an interesting aspect of local searches. With more than half of the users checking the business hours and ½ of the users asking for directions, it is certain people want to take action. When they perform a local search, they take an action quickly. People either visit a place or buy something. What does this mean for you? It means having a good online reputation and strong SEO will help you attract more offline customers. You can increase revenue and generate more sales with a simple implementation in this regard.

What Consumers want with Local Search?

People want ads according to their location. They want to find businesses and places they can visit. If they can’t find out that you’re nearby then they will not come at your doorstep. Targeting long-tail keywords and utilizing local SEO tools can help you perform better in local advertising. You will be able to find qualified prospects and increase your ROI by leveraging this simple tactic.

What can a Marketer Learn from These Insights?

As you can see, local SEO is clearly an impactful tool. Local searches are increasing constantly and by optimizing your site and presence, you can increase your traffic.

Following are some steps you should take as a marketer:

  • Create a detailed Google My Business Page
  • Make sure your business is present in Google Places and Google Maps
  • Target local keywords to get maximum exposure
  • If possible, conduct paid campaigns on local keywords
  • Provide as much information about your business as possible

Final Thoughts

Performing local SEO is not much different from usual SEO. However, by understanding consumer behavior and their requirements, you can create better content and target them with more effectiveness. Did you find this information helpful? Let us know.

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