Google Activity Cards- Get Ready for AI- aided searches

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To Google something means to search for it using the Google search engine. With such an impact on the world in two decades, Google is clearly an influential organization. Now, they’re planning on changing your usual searches as well. In a recent event, Google told people about a new search feature – ‘Activity Cards’. Through this facility, the search engine aims to provide you with a better and more helpful searching experience.

What is Google Activity Cards?

Google Activity cards are a special feature. It will save your last activity and show you results accordingly. With this feature, when you’ll search for something on Google, you will see a tab with your past searches. it will have some other tabs present in it to make your search easier. For example, if you searched for ‘fiction novels’, the tab will show you the sites you have visited already. It will also show you a tab for bookstores and the books you can buy. You can save a link for future reference as well.

How will the Activity Cards help you?

Their biggest benefit is you will be able to see which pages you have visited already. The internet is amazingly vast so knowing which pages you have visited will definitely help you in saving time and effort. Another interesting benefit is you will get related search options as well. If you search for ‘food’, you might get ‘restaurants nearby’ and ‘food recipes’ tabs. These little modifications will make your search much simpler and fast. Google uses AI to make sure the activity cards become more accurate and serve you better as you use them more often. You will be able to make your collection of searches. Not only will these collections help you in getting to content later on but it will also help Google’s AI in serving you better.


All in all, Google’s activity cards are definitely an improvement and they will have a strong impact on the search experience. It is Google’s way of showing they care about their customers’ experience. What do you think of the activity cards? Let us know.

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