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How to Get Backlinks With Guestrographics?


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What’s the clandestine to acquiring the authority links? This question probably has given much worry to the new day’s business owners, but the question is easy to answer. With reference to other people who are capable of generating backlinks for adjusting everything that they wished to publish.

The question remains a mystery as how they do it? Are they well-familiar with the link building secrets that you event don’t know or what else? In fact, it’s true that they know the entire secret books of link building.

Link building might occur in the back of scenes, but most of us don’t even know how to acquire backlinks easily and effortlessly.

What helps people to consider linking to other websites?

You may come across thousands of emails having link requests. Right! I can make you believe that there is a simple yet effective link building formula available that works really well every time you use. That is the mixture of great content; targeted outreach and added value are the most significant ingredients to link buildings. Creation of great content with having eyeballs on targeted outreach are pretty straightforward that help publishing great stuff and allow them to appear in front of the appropriate people.

This is what most of us do. May people start sending numbers of e-mail contents to mass with a hope that someday someone will respond to their links to generate backlinks.

A mini case study on link building with the instrument Guestographics:

If you want to know all about adding value, then Guestographic has the ability to explain it. So, what’s it? Many of us may ask this question. So, for them, Guestographic is an extremely capable link building technique that makes use of your infographic contents and find ways to spread them in a new way. Instead of publishing infographics on the sites and pledging to people for sharing them, you can prepare them attractively and publish them on their sites. To depict how well it works, allow me to present you the outcomes after making use of the technique with my on page SEO infographic.

First of all, here is the immense increment in referring the domains pointing towards the page:

Referring Domains      







With this, the organic page ranking per search traffic of my site increases to 175.59% that can be compared to my previous month information.

organic traffic google analytics

The result shows how my page bounces in between 2nd and 3rd spots for every keyword search, on page SEO:

google search results first page

In short, it perfectly works. Doesn’t it?

5 smartest steps to get backlinks using Guestographics:

The methods couldn’t be much easier than using Guestographics. Here are the five steps to acquire backlinks for the site using Guestographics.

  1. Publish an infographic effectively on your site
  2. Figure out other sites that consider your infographic topic
  3. Portray them what’s your infographic
  4. Give them only exceptional contents
  5. Acquire your contextual and appropriate backlinks

Let me give you the exact brief details of each step.

  1. Publication of a splendid infographic: Absolutely, there is no shortcut available here. If you wished that people will share your infographic, then it has to be satisfying the criteria of good. Whenever talking about the design, keep in mind that they are really important for the site.

a)      A newly prepared appropriate topic: You need to select the topic precisely that’s what I would like to call a freshly made relevant topic. Let me clarify. In my opinion, I have noticed that audiences were posting articles about on page SEO on a daily basis, but they revised the same advice again and again from the year 2003. This lets me know that there was actually a lot of demand of the infographic topic in the market, but no updated contents are there to meet the demands.

Another example: At the time of when new social media network has been introduced to the world, someone will quickly bangs out the infographic content to that network. But surprisingly, I have found these infographics to get always a tidal wave of social media shares, backlinks and referral traffic. Here, I am presenting one of the first Pinterest infographic content:

Pinterest Infographic

This looks not a bad design and is not exceptional either. Now, I have the link profile of that page which published it. Check it out!

referring links

You might be thinking of how would it be achievable? In that case, the creators of this infographic topic pick up a topic that has huge potential to gain tons of social media attraction.

b)     Large sized information, but not too much: You can look into an infographic such as visual blog post which will show you how better could be the content and how better it can perform being on the site. Therefore, ensure that you’re very choosy to know what to include and what not to include.


Neil Patel is the person famed as the publisher of 75 infographics suggests that infographic topics should not have more than seven to ten informative points. This is not a lot and that’s the whole point. The infographic topics should not exceeds 50bits of data as it will be hard to digest. But it’s also an absolute truth that tightly-focused infographic content will cover up most of the important information that gives easy-to-remember option. In simple words, they can get shared and linked with ease. In the site site, you can easily find out the infographic data/information that has already covered up your topic:

visualy search

And, categorized by the number of views or favorites


And, now see if there are any other infographic ideas that you can find helpful to use:


infographic results

It is obvious to cite the infographics that you utilize in the sources region of your infographic content. You can also get the same exact thing via using Pinterest:

pinterest search

c)      Logical layout: In the graphic design section, there is a huge difference exists in between layouts and designs. And, I have witnessed a lot of site facing downfall though they are great infographics as they give more emphasis on the design section. Here, I am presenting the difference between design and layout.

Layout is what you find useful in organizing and publishing information in the wireframe whereas design will give how the information can look like.

Ensure that the layout should have the best content, ample of empty space and organized option to make the info represented as story.

  1. Simple link prospective yet effective one: Since you have your infographic distributed on your site, it’s an ideal opportunity to discover your connection targets. With my infographic, I was searching for locales that had effectively distributed substance about on page SEO. To discover them, I just hunt Google down things like “on page SEO”, “on page SEO tips and whatever else that Google Suggest concocted:

google search

Another best example could be: If you wish to promote a site with gluten-free cooking, then you should start the search with gluten-free baking or gluten-free recipes etc. It’s easy, right!

  1. Show your infographic to them: When I found a site in the outcomes that looked encouraging, I sent them this email (yes, this is an authentic email that I conveyed).

Outreach Email

Reasons why this script works perfectly in my case:

  • It’s personalized which is available only with their name and site name
  • It’s short in length carrying a total of 90words
  • It’s soft sell which liable to ask only if they show interest to see the infographic
  1. Make bribe your prospects with the help of free contents: It is the section where things get extremely intriguing. At the point when a great many people pitch an infographic, they get on their knees and ask. Bear in mind: when you are doing e-mail outreach, you have to make increasing the value of that particular site.

What’s more?

With the Guestographic method, you are letting forth them a free ‘mini-guest post to oblige the infographic. In this way you are giving value 3times:

  • Visualizing them an amazing and good working infographic on a particular topic on their personal interest
  • Allowing them to share the content with their targeted audience is also an interesting topic
  • Offering them free contents to harmonize the infographic

Here’s the email that I have sent to my audiences and gain numbers of reply on my first message:

Response to an Email

Whenever they reclaim my support, I just say Sure. I just get my stuffs and note down an effective yet top-rated 250 to 300 words introduction and published them on their site.

  1. Acquire the contextual links: You probably have had heard that GOOGLE is devaluing the backlinks those are coming straight from infographics. But if you give a look into the interview, then you’ll find that they were talking about the embed links.

infographic embed link

These links come into view repeatedly when someone will try to embed infographic content to their operating websites. These are the same links of semi-automatic types that GOOGLE even doesn’t like it. What’s good in Guestographic is that you can have the privilege to obtain backlinks surrounded by only appropriate contents and not an embed link that buried down at the bottom of the page.

Here, I am presenting an example of a contextual link out of a Guestographic:

contextual link

The contextual link present is much more capable of handling things and powerful enough compared to the embed links.






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