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Talk What Your Audience Want to Listen : Digital Marketing Strategy 2017

Talk what Audience want to listen - Digital Marketing Strategy

As the New Year 2017 approaching, all it can be said from the digital marketing strategy is that there is nothing a secret, at least about strategies to drive traffic. There are so many platforms available those talks about tips and tricks to drive traffic towards the websites.

Still, someone gets successful, and someone else fails. Why does this happen? The simple answer is that you don’t talk to audience relevant aspects.

What does it mean talking relevant to the audience? Find it below.

Come straight to the point:
With so many websites available for a single search, there is no time for anyone to read the junks. Even they don’t want any formality. If you are here to talk about a certain SEO trick, start straight with the tips, with little introduction, instead of giving lectures about what is SEO and all those. If someone is here for the tips, he is already aware of the basic SEOs.

Your intentions must reflect through headings/subheadings:
It is here to mention that the websites those manage to retain their audience for mere two minutes are also pretty successful. In short, within this little span, the visitor decides whether the information you have is sufficient or not.

The audience then looks to subscribe, buy, comment, etc. Hence, make sure you put forward your point and convince your audience within such little time. The best way available is, wisely craft the headings and subheadings. Make these catchy, informative and reflecting properly about the content below.

Put examples:
Things are always conceived better through examples. The same rule is applied here as well. An illustration looks meaningful once it is tied with a suitable example. Hence, if you are talking about something you have knowledge, explain it through examples. It would be even better to highlight the example part.

Prepare infographic contents:
A single image talks millions of words. These images have always been attention dragging. If you a million dollar idea, the most biddable way to represent it would be through infographics.

These infographics are catchy images coupled with short, but relevant information. Such contents are trending and have proven to be amazingly engaging. Such contents have also been found to be shared more in comparison.

Video contents:
When it comes to picking one between readings and listening, undoubtedly more would be opting for the later. Things get even enchanting in the case of the videos or when visuals are there.

Be it about a live video, any tutorial demonstration, a video shoot or simply a thumbnail presentation, people in contemporary times are much more interested in the video contents, rather than the literature. In fact, according to the experts, any web page with a video at its home page drags better audience than the others which miss it.

Finally, all it can be said is that going through the above tips can also be useless if you don’t apply. Fine, if you are already following it. But, if your strategy involves anything in contrast to above, you must take a second look at it.

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