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Best Tips to Route Organic Traffic from Competitors to your Website

Steal the traffic from your competitor

How can I get more user traffic to my website? This is the one question that I am asked most often as a professional SEO consultant. I always tell my clients that there is no one single perfect way to do that. You have to understand that the internet has a very dynamic nature. Its trends and fads keep changing according to what’s popular with users.

Improving content on your website

One of the main factors that search engine bots look for is fresh and relevant content to decide the ranking value of the website. We all know that creating fresh content on more trending or relevant topics is a time-consuming process and is often done best by professionals. So what can you, an amateur at SEO, can do to improve SEO ranking? When it comes to having good content you can always take inspiration from, and use, a competitor’s content as a structure for making your own content.

How to use competitor website analysis to your advantage?

I have come up with a simple-to-do process that allows even website owners can do and get better ranking in the SERP.

Step 1 Identify competitors

Simply use Site Explorer to open your website’s back-end control. Select ‘Competing Domains’ choice from the menu on the left-hand-side. This report will let you see the top competitors who rank for the keyword you are aiming for.

The ‘Common’ tab on top of the report shows you how many singular keywords are shared between the website and yours.

The ‘Unique’ tab on top shows you how many keywords are unique to the competitor’s website. This report lets you see the result of your own keywords and the competitor’s at the same time for better comparison and analysis.

Choose around 4-10 competitor’s you think are more valuable out of the complete list.

Step 2 Selecting web pages to replicate

Initially, you will need to identify the web pages from the competitor’s that are getting the most user traffic.

To do this, simply click on the name of the competitor on a right-hand-side and select ‘Overview’ from the pop-up menu.

After this, select the ‘Top pages’ option on the left-hand-side menu to get a list of webpages from competitor’s, arranged in descending order. This allows you to see the complete report containing the monthly traffic volume of the webpage as well as the number of keywords that the page ranks for.

The trick is to choose the webpage with the maximum numbers of keywords for greater efficiency. These webpages are ideal for replicating because they direct more user traffic through organic search results.

Step 3 Analyze collected information before replicating.

Check for the webpages that have the larger user traffic volume but lower referring domains. These are easy to establish back links with.

Improving on the given keywords and making a good content from it is the first part, the second important part is to establish back links to the content. This will help to improve your existing content and also your SERP ranking as well.

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