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5 Steps to Decrease Irrelevant Traffic [& increase conversion rate]

Decrease Irrelevant Traffic

There are many, especially the newbie bloggers or web-based entrepreneurs, who get thrilled witnessing the huge traffic to their site. Similarly, some people go through their dashboards and get excited about any little jump in Alexa ranking and all those.

But, unfortunately, such happiness lasts for too little hours when they realize their conversion is not going at a significant rate. They realize that their site is moreover getting crowded with irrelevant traffic. How to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant traffic? How to know a traffic is relevant or not? Find it below.

Identify the irrelevant links and find out their sources:

To be successful, both positive and negative characteristic analysis is important. Similar is the case here as well. If your site is troubled by bounce rate, find out the sources these links are driven. At least you should check the backlink driven ones.

In fact, there are so many tools available to navigate the path of each link to your site. Finding out their sources would definitely make the mistake associated with your strategy apparent.

Keyword might be right, but, is the combination right?

The strategy to find out the source as mentioned above should not be limited to the back links or referral links. These also make things apparent about the flaws associated with your keyword strategy. Once you have found out the source, you can easily sort out the keywords you have used for the concerned link. Analyze properly; you will be able to realize that there is a flaw with your keyword combination.

For example, the term “Samsung” can be associated with “new device,” any of its particular edition, Samsung business, Samsung price fall, etc. If your intention is to sell a particular edition Samsung device, the targeting the other keywords is obvious to drive irrelevant links. For example, your site being accessed for someone interested in knowing about the Samsung business has nothing to do with your site.

Putting Irrelevant Ads:

Websites make money through ads; it’s known to all. But, not all understand it that these ads have their own strategy as well to drive audiences. In short, they being successful in driving an audience anyway, but if he has nothing to do with your product, can simply be termed an irrelevant traffic.

Know The Best Way Of Preparing Metadata:

Amidst all those high-end search engine optimization techniques and tools, people ignore the fundamental aspects like metadata. The keywords used in metadata often don’t match with others, or seems irrelevant in front of other extensive strategies. They don’t keep the right density of keywords in metadata as well. Result? It’s simple; a lot of unwanted links.

Optimize The Landing Page:

As mentioned above, it’s not a big deal for modern day people to drive traffic to their site. Especially, things have gone encouraging through the growing social media impact. But, all efforts go in vain if you fail to showcase the desired products, in an efficient manner. Especially, you need to optimize the landing page really well. The audience fails to get convinced and goes back. Being specific, you must mind the following tips.

  • Optimize the design; use the high-end server to minimize loading time.
  • Use high-end themes to showcase the whole collection at one place
  • Add call-to-action on the home page.
  • Integrate how to videos on the home page.
  • Put social media links

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