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5 Rarely used Link Building Strategies to Double the Traffic!

Hidden Link Building Strategies

With launching a new product and revamping your website, your business is hoping to grasp a huge chunk of the market. You may have already invested time in a marketing strategy and the required promotions for your services, but is that enough? For your website to fare well in Google’s quality ranking system and rank high in the organic search results, you need to have effective SEO techniques incorporated into your site. One of the crucial techniques in SEO is link building. Here are 5 rarely used link building strategies that can help you double the traffic.

  1. Run a Contest

There is no better way to engage an audience than a contest. While creating the contest can be difficult, the results are worth the effort. Ensure that the contest is vote-based so that all the contestants share your site’s links with all their friends and get you the desired traffic and link-building.

  1. Getting testimonials and opinions

Find a topic that will be helpful to your users, and write an article on it. Once you’re through, request Bloggers and ‘Masters of the subject’ to give their opinions and thoughts. They will surely respond as long as you remind them you’ll be linking their blog. Once the article is up, email them your link, and they’ll surely link back.

  1. Studying the Competitor’s link-base

While initiating tactics to improve your link building is definitely helpful, underestimating your competitor is not at all advisable. Delve into your competitor’s link building ventures and study the gaps and tactics you’ve missed. Approach a webmaster to list out links that are linking to your competitor and gradually persuade them to link back.

  1. Social media’s impact

What’s happening on social media directly impacts search rankings, as Facebook posts, tweets, and other social posts create links that are important to search engines. These social media posts help search engines understand what’s trending, what interests a specific audience and where are links pointing at.

  1. Re-bundle your content

It’s not easy to come up with content all the time, so re-bundle your old content in a lavish new design and present it again. For example: combine all the health-related posts into a pdf or new post, reducing your viewer’s efforts of hopping various pages. Create a simple text video combining relevant content with simple animations. Don’t limit your creativity in presenting content.

While these are not the only effective techniques out there, and many businesses are coming up with their own innovative techniques to link-building, these are surely effective and overlooked most of the times. With efficient execution, these 5 rarely used techniques can do wonders for your business.

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