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In SEO, the only thing that is constant is ‘change’. As you know, a lot has changed in past. I mean, back then Batman and Superman were friends. We adapt, we evolve basis Google’s algorithm, we make your business visible to the right target audience by obeying

by obeying Google Webmasters Guidelines. We have been studying every update and its impact on search & that’s how we are able to rank more than 1200 businesses rank online.

4 Phase Secret to Rank on Top in Google?

Phase One

  • SEO Agreement – SEO agreement form signed and received from the client.
  • Assign Project – Project Manager assigns the project to our SEO Team.
  • Confirmation Email – Welcome email is sent to the client with detailed activities & Report.
  • Confirmation Call – Conference call is Setup to review the  detail of SEO campaign.

Phase Two

  • Keyword Research – Keyword research starts.
  • Site Analysis – Full site analysis is completed.
  • Content Analysis – Content Analysis is done.
  • Keyword Confirmation – Keywords are agreed upon by client & finalized.

Phase Three

  • Content Writing – Content Writing/Modification (if needed/required by client) is completed.
  • SEO Coding – SEO coding is completed & sent to the client for review/approval.
  • Client Approval – Client reviews/approves optimization.
  • Optimization – Optimization is initiated is pushed live.
  • Search Engine – Search engine submission begin.

Phase Four

  • SEO Maintenance – Monthly SEO maintenance starts.
  • Ranking Report – Monthly SEO ranking reports.
  • Pages Optimization – Existing pages re-optimized & newly added pages     optimized as needed.
  • Traffic & Conversions – Traffic & conversions continue to grow increasing Return on investment for the client.
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The above seo process makes us one of the best SEO service company in India.  Stay connected and rank on top in Google now!